A recent survey revealed sizzling bacon to be the most relaxing sound in the world -- beating out rain! But neither bacon nor rain made the top 10 for "favorite smells" according to an international survey on Reddit.com. So what made the list? Find out:

No.1 The smell of winter at night

No. 2 Freshly-shampooed girl hair

No. 3 Fall morning (crisp air, damp leaves)

No. 4 The water rides at Disneyland/Disney World (Pirates of Caribbean, It's a Small World, Splash Mountain) -- the smells reminds people of childhood, which is why it's so popular.

No. 5 Apple Pie -- "Smells like victory. It smells like all of your dreams are coming true, all your goals being achieved."

No. 6 Clean laundry fresh out of the dryer

No. 7 Cookies baking in the oven

No. 8 Campfire

No. 9 Vanilla extract

No. 10 Freshly-baked bread (or bakeries in general)

No. 11 Rain -- there you go! Not in the top 10 but you know it had to make the list!

Did we forget anything?