Hobbies are -- by definition -- something done for relaxation or pleasure. They're not supposed to be your religion or your reason for living! I used to build models as a kid -- cars, airplanes, battleships. You can still find them at Hobby Lobby and Adventures Underground, but it's not really a big thing anymore. For me, it was always just a hobby. Here are a list of hobbies people are taking way, way too far:


  • 1

    Watching your kids play sports

    Don't tell the coach what to do. Don't demand your kid be treated like a star. Don't yell at the kids. Never yell at the ref/umpire.

  • 2

    Cat & Dog Shows

    You have to be a member of the clubs to do well. It's got nothing to do with how close your pet is to the perfect breed standard.

  • 3

    Cub Scout leaders

    For some reason people with a passion for Cub Scouts sometimes get a little too into the pine wood derbies, the camps, the pack meetings, etc.

  • 4


    You're an adult who likes to watch cartoons. That's cool. I like some cartoons, too. But it's not a religion.

  • 5

    League of Legends

    If you're spending more than an hour or two each night, you might have a problem.

  • 6

    Intramural Sports

    League softball or whatever is supposed to be social, guys. You're not going for your shot at the pros.

  • 7


    The number of hours it takes to get really good is just not worth it. Just play for fun, man!

  • 8


    You get that you're not really in some kind of special forces, right?

  • 9

    Magic the Gathering

    You might as well just blow your inheritance playing blackjack, that game is so expensive.

  • 10

    Drinking and/or weed

    This is NOT a hobby! This is a beverage or something to smoke! If hard drinking or getting wasted is your idea of a great time -- with friends or by yourself -- you need serious help.