Just because we grow out of certain childhood pleasures doesn't mean we grow out of them. There are a couple of things that if remade or redesigned for adults I guarantee would be blockbusters. For example, look at the success of complicated LEGO toys and Dave & Busters!

    • Coloring at restaurants.

I went to an Italian restaurant once that covered each table in butcher paper and handed you a few crayons. It was awesome. It was not Romano's Macaroni Grill, but apparently they do it also. Why doesn't every restaurant do that?

    • Blowing bubbles

If they just made the blowing circles bigger that'd be good enough, but if they also smelled like bacon that'd be great. I think they should sell them in pocket flasks or maybe elegant perfume bottles. A monocle that doubled as a bubble blower would be really cool.

    • Goldfish crackers

Maybe make them in the shapes of "Breaking Bad" characters or sports team mascots.

    • Fort building

Think how much money a place would make if they bought an old warehouse and filled with with couch cushions. Maybe renting balls to throw would be extra.

    • Food that looks like stuff (think Spaghettios and chicken nuggets).

Is having my breakfast cereal or chicken nuggets shaped like "Game of Thrones" characters too much to ask?

    • Swings

I've seen these in vacation photos of places I'll never go. They ought to be a staple. Venice Beach has workout swings that look pretty cool.

    • Climbing gyms

Maybe combine this with paintball or water balloons and you've got yourself a solid business plan.

    • Nerf guns

Actually, most of the Nerf guns I was looking at last Christmas appear to be made for adults, but they should just come out and market to us.

    • Chocolate milk

What we have here is a branding problem. The containers need to be cool and manly.

    • Ball pits

For sanitation, ONLY adults should have access to ball pits. They should never have been marketed to children.

    • Bouncy houses

Wouldn't it be cool if MMA fights took place in bouncy houses?

    • Riding on a grocery cart

I don't actually know how this would work. If you hung on the side, it'd tip over. If you had a chair, you'd look like an idiot and no one would use it. Some inventor should work this out... in a hurry.

    • Wiffle ball

They already have kickball leagues. I want a wiffle ball league!

    • Play Dough

Remember the "factories" that would let you squeeze pieces out to look like Barbie or Snoopy? What if you could use play dough to create your own "Walking Dead" episodes?