Remember grandma talking about candy bars for a nickel and being glad to make a dollar an hour? Yes, things are now more expensive, and that's to be expected -- but what about stuff that used to be free and now isn't? Oooh that bugs me. Here are just a few I'm upset about:

  • flying with luggage
  • camping in state parks
  • buying tickets to a concert (you paid for the ticket, but purchasing the ticket was free)
  • extra sauce packets at fast food
  • buying gas with a debit card
  • food on an airplane
  • extra chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant
  • compressed air for tires at a gas station
  • MMO video games
  • cups for water at many fast food chains
  • driving on a highway (tolls now in many cities)
  • parking downtown
  • television
  • balloons for kids at Red Robin and Applebee's
  • porta-potties (in Europe)

[SOURCE: Reddit]