Jason Winer, executive producer, co-creator and director of NBC's "1600 Penn" joined us on the Morning Show this morning to talk about his new comedy hit.Winer has worked on "Modern Family," for which he won an Emmy. He's also received a Peabody Award and an additional Emmy nomination. He also directed the 2011 film "Arthur" and the pilot for "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23."

We really like how "1600 Penn" brings some humor to American politics. The White House has been the focus of so much negative attention, it's refreshing to laugh and take the office of the president less seriously.

Winer lauded the show's cast, saying Bill Pullman, who plays the president, is so good because he can believably play serious, or the clown. You'll all remember him as the president in the Will Smith hit film, "Independence Day." Winer joked that his character in THIS show is closer to his role in "Space Balls."

The First Lady is played by Jenna Elfman, who you will remember as Dharma in "Dharma and Greg." She plays a dedicated woman trying to do some good in the world while the media just wants to ask about her fashion and weight loss strategies. Winer said she is so talented she can make any scene funny.

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