I'm not a yard sale junkie, but I've found some GREAT stuff at yard sales. On July 19 in the parking lot of the Pasco Goodwill on Court Street we're holding a giant yard sale. It's only $25 to have your own spot to sell and only $3 to get in ($2 with a food bank donation to 2nd Harvest).

1. My coolest yard sale find is "Ted." I bought him from my neighbor's yard sale when my boys were little. He was $10 and has become the most popular person in our house (not proud of that part).

Greg Delange

2. Super Cool Trunk.

3. Bedroom set at a yard sale (spent a week sanding and staining).

4. Stereo equipment

5. Gardening supplies (hoses, rakes, shovels)

Bonus: I have a vintage 1983 Mario Bros. game (got it for $100) that's awesome. It currently lives in my garage and is toward the end of its life.

My friend found an almost-new Keurig Coffee Maker for $10! What a steal!

So I'll be seeing you at the Giant Yard Sale July 19! Bring some stuff and make some cash, or just come and shop and find your own treasures.