I just have normal seasonal allergies from pollen. I read this morning about people who claim to have electromagnetic sensitivity (which makes them allergic to Wi-Fi) but we think it's bogus. Speaking of allergies, check out five real-life allergies that are unbelievably weird.

1. Water -- Aquagenic urticaria

Although not a true histamine-releasing allergy, doctors commonly refer to this as a severe allergy to water. Hives and/or spots form on the skin. Showers may also result in dry and/or sore eyes. Drinking may cause throat swelling and/or shortness of breath. It typically only afflicts teenagers! Weird!

Some people get rashes, redness, blisters, itchiness or instant dry skin by touching the metal nickel. Symptoms worsen if the skin is sweaty. It happens when handling coins or wearing jewelry containing the metal. It's actually one of the most-common form of allergy-induced dermatitis.

Some people are allergic to semen! Symptoms include hives, swelling and shortness of breath. In minor cases, symptoms are avoided with the use of a condom. In more serious cases treatments are available... and some experts suggest frequent exposure will desensitize the skin. Talk about "bad news, good news" for your partner!

Skin experiencing strong vibrations, such as when riding in a car or pushing/riding a lawnmower causes allergic reactions in some people.

5. Sun -- solar urticaria

Some people's immune systems react negatively to sunlight. It's a strong reaction to UV rays and usually results in hives. They commonly develop blisters under their skin. Scientists aren't completely sure of the cause, but they suspect it worsens with certain wavelengths of UV rays.