Rushing around trying to find that perfect gift for the lovely lady in your life? Well, good for you!

I could tell you that you don't have to get her anything and that your love is enough!

But, the truth of it is...your woman will want to know you cared enough to shop to find her something that shows she means the world to you!

While I agree that that is completely stressful! ( and believe me,  we women feel the same stress when buying for our men...)

I also want to share with you the 5 real things that women want from you at Christmas and every other time of the year!

In no particular order I think it's THIS:

1. TIME Quality time spent with someone you love creates closeness and a shared feeling of being a valued partner.

2. Appreciation: Women take care of the children, clean the house, do the laundry, cook, grocery shop, yard work, make the social arrangements and usually work full time on top of it.  Some of this we HATE to do but do anyway, and some of it we don't mind at all..but it feels so good to have our guy acknowledge and express appreciation for the things we do to make him feel cared for.

3. Understanding : There is no bigger turn on for a woman than to feel understood by her man.  When a man takes the time and effort to learn how a woman works, how she feels and what she is going through and really cares to understand who she is. That makes a woman feel LOVED! Women are  turned on when they feel loved. (pretty simple there huh?)

4. FUN: A woman loves to have fun! and a guy that will go have fun with his woman is a KEEPER! Especially if he thinks ahead to plan something fun on a regular basis that he knows she enjoys.

5. Kind Gestures : Hugs, kisses, unexpected phone calls to say "I Love You" are all things a woman loves to have from her man.

Isn't some of this what a guy wants as well? Or is it just  BEER & SEX men want?  Comon' guys...share below and post your reply.

And, remember if you bomb out on buying her the perfect gift this year, Feel confident that if you do these other things for your woman, you'll be around for next Christmas!  And then, you can try for that perfect gift again!