I won't go to the movies without popcorn! I always order an extra large so I can get a refill as I'm leaving the theater! So you can guess my surprise to learn secrets from a movie theater employee!

  • It smells so good because chemicals are added to the popcorn to make its aroma fill the theater!
  • Concessions are so expensive because the profit margins on movies are very thin. The profits for the first few months of a screening go straight to the studio, not the theater.
  • Be wary of prepared foods like soft pretzels, hot dogs and nachos. It's not a restaurant, after all.
  • The snack combos aren't usually cheaper than buying all the items by themselves.
  • Theaters keep enlarging the size of popcorn, so the small you think will save money and calories used to be a medium.
  • Popcorn keeps for a day or two, so your warm popcorn isn't necessarily fresh popcorn.