Has everybody seen or played that Facebook game, "Things You Didn't Know About Me"?
Well, here's Woody's:


I'm a sport. I'll play. Here we go:

  • I accidentally stepped on and squished my pet hamster in the third grade.
  • The thing I'm most proud of... my biggest accomplishment... is being a father. I guess because I thought I'd suck at it.
  • I've always wanted a pet monkey (I'm crazy about pets).
  • My favorite movie is the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
  • One my most prized possessions is a Tennessee red cedar treasure chest I made in the 8th grade. As a kid growing up, my father and brother could build anything. I couldn't. My box was the first thing I built that I was proud
  • I collect autographs -- mostly musical artists
  • My favorite 1980s song is "Bust a Move" by Young MC:
  • My favorite Country song is "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" by Big & Rich.
  • My favorite slow song, even though it makes me sad, is "I can't make you love me" by Bonnie Raitt.