I was a firefighter and paramedic for years. 911 outages are not very common. It's a bit of a nightmare because everyone is trained to call 9-1-1 in an emergency. But it doesn't affect our response time. Basically, the way 911 works is dispatchers are trained to take the call and dispatch emergency responders at the same time. Our protocol is to be in our emergency vehicles moving within one minute of receiving the call.

Benton County - (509) 628-0333
Franklin County - (509) 545-3510
Walla Walla County - (509) 527-3265
Yakima County - (509) 865-4202
Kittitas County - (509) 925-8534
Umatilla County - 541-966-3651
It's a good idea to have these numbers programmed into your phone anyway. Good citizens can report bad driving and suspicious activity without bothering 911. If I see a lost dog or think a driver might be drunk, call dispatch!