Women..We don't wait for time, we make it.We don't wait for love, we feel it.We don't wait for money, we earn it.We don't wait for the right path to take, we make one.We don't wait for the right opportunity, we create it.We don't go for less, only the best.We don't compare ourselves to others, we are unique.We don't bitch about our misfortunes, we transform them.We don't avoid failure, we welcome challenges.We don't dwell on our mistakes, we learn from them. We don't back down, we find a way around.We don't close our eyes, we open our hearts. We don't run from life, we embrace it!

I saw this quote this morning on facebook and it began with "Cowgirls"  but I stole it, changed the beginning of it to "Women"!  Because,  as a woman this is how I seem to view things.

We women are such remarkable beings! We are so different then men. We have our own unique qualities that are so worthy to accomplish!

Sometimes, we deny, or hide or even suppress our greatness and our desire to view things in this manner.  Yet, it seems to be our innate nature.

I'm am proud of the women I know and of the woman I've become over the years. I think realizing the greatness of what we are made up of,  enables us to own who we really are and be proud of it instead of suppressing it.

Be happy you are a woman!