One fashion blogger says wearing socks with sandals goes back to at least the 1950s. Technically, it goes back further: Ancient Romans wore socks with sandals. But people in America have been hating the fashion faux pas for most of the past century. In fact, the British recently voted it the biggest fashion faux pas of all time. Andrew says that needs to change!What are sandals for? To give your feet more air. What's the downside? Sweaty, smelly feet and everyone scrutinizing your toes.

What are socks for? Absorption and to cover up your feet. What's the downside? They offer no protection.

Why not pair the two? Because of fashion? How impractical is that?! If there were ever a moment to put function above fashion, this is it!

Seriously, socks and sandals in the summer are like peanut butter and jelly, or mint and chocolate!

We need to do the right thing for our feet and let the chips fall!