I know I have a busy life and it's no surprise that I feel fatigued at times, but yesterday I literally shut down and fell asleep for a few hours and then slept like a rock last night and was draggin' all morning just trying to get moving today. I made a comment to a friend who was also feeling exhausted and he suggested it may have something to do with the weather and barometric pressure!

So I googled it and found all kinds of information about how weather and/or the barometric pressure can affect us so much!

I saw that people that suffer as well from chronic fatigue syndrome or other issues are far more susceptible to pain when the pressure is changing due to weather.

So I guess it is really REAL, that the weather changes can bring on all kinds of symptoms from pain, to fatigue and illness. So, quit beating yourself up if you are dragging today and not as energetic as you think you should be!