Richland parents don't want their kids going to Chief Joseph Middle School because that's where the poor kids and minorities are. The school has a stigma. According to the story in the Tri-City Herald, the school district has hired great staff at the school. The only difference is the student body. Are the parents keeping their kids out promoting segregation? Tell us what you think:Everyone agrees the kind of segregation that keeps minorities out of mostly-white schools is bad, but what about when white families intentionally keep their kids out of schools with lots of minorities?

And the question isn't necessarily about race. There are several schools in the Tri-Cities that serve low-income neighborhoods. Many residents in these neighborhoods are minorities, many are not. Higher-income families go to great lengths to keep their kids out of those schools. Is that segregation?

Whether it is or not, don't parents have the right to demand the best possible education for their kids? If one school is better than another, shouldn't they demand the best school for their kid?

Maegan Murray