My youngest and only son will turn 15 this summer and you know what that means....driving school. I remember driving with my daughter when she was just learning and it was very stressful. In fact I remember asking then trooper Ball from the Washington State Patrol for his help in teaching my daughter how to drive. well fast forward 10 years and he actually retired from the WSP and started 911 Driving School.

The school is located in Kennewick and it taught entirely by Police officers. As a parent I think there is no better instructors out there then these knowledgeable current and former police officers. For more info on the school click here.

Here are some alarming facts regarding driver's ED.45% of parents are worried their teen son or daughter will pick up their poor driving habits. Other findings:

- 40% of teen drivers already believe they have inherited their parents' poor driving habits

- only 22% of teen drivers beileve their parents are good enough to teach them how to drive

- most common bad habits: crossing hands while steering, speeding, failing to check mirrors and not using a seatbelt