I just turned 43 last month and as we do I've been assessing my life.And so for I feel pretty satisfied, until I read a new study from the London School of Economics stating that life satisfaction peaks at the ages of 23 and 69.....What?According to their study, human contentment follows a U-shaped pattern, with those in their early twenties and the retired ranking highest. The pattern has been observed in more than 50 nations and across class and financial divides. People in their early twenties overestimate their future life satisfaction, before the disappointments of life kick in. They face decades of declining expectation before hitting their lowest point in their mid-fifties, when regrets over unrealized dreams are at their greatest. Satisfaction levels finally start to rise again after 55 and peak once more at 69.

So if I were to believe this report I'm well in the middle of declining expectation....Not! How about you? Are you happy with your life?