I'm off to get yet another expensive pedicure. I admit I love getting pedi's and I pretty much have to in the summer because I wear sandals everyday!

I found this amazing pair of booties the other day at Kohl's they're called All-Over Gel Booties by Earth Therapeutics. The inside have some sort of gel lining infused with Aloe, Tea Tree, Jojoba, Olive Oil, & Vitamin E. The way to use them is rub your favorite foot cream or just plain old lotion on your feet put the booties on from 1 hour to over night and the results are amazing. After just one hour my feet felt like I just had a pedicure.

The gel lining takes a little getting use to, but once you feel how soft your tootsies are it's worth it. They also have Aloe infused socks that would be great in the winter months. The gel booties retail for $25 but I got them on sale for $12.50 and according to the package they will last for 40 uses.