The KEY is doing a contest to give botox to one deserving mom. The kids are going back to school, and we're looking for someone who most needs facial treatment to get back to normal.


Here is out third mom's story:


"This summer has been good but difficult at my house.  My husband works at a prison while I work cleaning houses. I am going to school full-time online, and am becoming a social worker next year – I’m so excited.  My oldest son is leaving for college Aug. 24.  My three youngest children have autism.  My 17 year old son is also mentally ill while my 15 year old has epilepsy.  In spite of the challenges, I love my family and we are very close.  My husband and I are renewing our vows in Las Vegas this October for our 20th anniversary.  I want to look beautiful and relaxed, not a mother of 4 who is tired. I am only 37 but I feel 100!  This summer, I have realized important things about taking care of myself and my family at the same time. I have started an autism support group in Hermiston starting September 13th. I am very excited about having other parents who can vent and support each other. Thank you!"