The kids are going back to school, and we're looking for stories to determine who most deserves a facial treatment to get back to normal.

Here is our seventh Back-to-School Botox post, on the last day of the contest. Submissions end at midnight.

“I deserve this because I’m a 40 year old mom of three girls 24, 17, and 14. I had my oldest daughter at a very young age, and now she’s off on her own, married, and has two precious girls. My 17 year old is entering her senior year of high school - which is great! - And my baby just started freshmen year! Since my husband is a truck driver, and times are hard for us right now with all stress trying to pay bills and still have enough to take my girls school shopping, I’ve been working all summer long trying to provide for my family. It’s really taken a toll on me, emotionally and physically. This pampering is very much needed for this stressed momma!”