I seem to remember a few years when on the first day of school, I  was filled with excitement and  anticipation of the new year! New classes, new things to learn, new people to meet. And, a cooler crisp morning to start the day off!

By the end of the day though,  when my arm was loaded with books and I already had assignments and homework due the following day, the excitement lessened.

I'm guessing, kids probably don't realize how stressful it is for teachers on the first day of school. I know I never really thought about that when I was in school. I have plenty of friends whom are teachers and they too are filled with very similar feelings as the kids. Anticipation, stress, "will the students Like me" feelings etc. It's exciting and a little discombobulating all at the same time.

And parents, Yikes! I will have to say it's most stressful for parents. But, also a time when parents seem to kick in with unique organizational skills to make it all work.  Good intentions begin planning, transportation, meal preparation, activities, sports schedules etc. I remember the days!  It's stressful for sure, but also such fun! Nothing like watching your youngsters develop and grow into who they are!

So,  as the fall begins and summer winds down. My advice is to try to enjoy the moment and the experience and don't let things bother you that don't go exactly as you had hoped. That is pretty much the recipe for life right?

Good luck and best wishes for the new school year!