Last week, I got a chance to get out and see some live music by other local area talent. My good friend Eddie Manzaneras has recently started playing guitar for Adrienne Bousquet. She is a  beautiful "20 something" gal who has got this incredible voice and wonderful personality!

She was singing at Casa Vino Saturday. So, we started there, and made our way around town. Secondly we headed to Tony Roma's to see another great band called "Last Call" who has another friend of mine Carl Holt playing guitar and singing! We danced for a bit and had alot of fun!

And then, we headed to Bookwalter Winery and saw my old band The SHADES play! And they were awesome as ever!  They have a new singer KC Rosencranz who has been with them since I left. And she has a strong, dynamic voice and is a great addition!
I was having such a fun night I didn't get video of all the musical performances, but I did catch a clip of the beautiful Adrienne Bousquet with Eddie so I'm attaching a video. Take a look.

The quality of video is blurry for some reason. But she is just simply amazing! Watch for her around town I'm sure she and Eddie will be at Casa Vino again!