Last night Tony & I played our Acoustic Duet  for a "Ladies Night" Shopping Event at Beaver Bark.

We've played for lots of their events and they are always a huge success!

Those people know how to put on a good party I'll tell ya!

They always have a HUGE turnout with tons of people. It's no surprise why! They always have great food, drinks,and incredible deals on lawn, garden and household decor!

The theme last night was beetles and they were all dressed in costume complete with bug outfits for the servers!

It was a great time! I didn't get many pics of the main area cause we were out in a different area playing music. But, I did get a few pics so check it out!

I guess all their events are Invite Only But, I think she invites everyone on their mailing list! So I would definitely try to get on their mailing list if I were you!