Right after I fixed my computer tower's retractable drink tray (it's a big circle but a full 32 oz. was too heavy), we asked you to send funny pictures of your family playing in the snow to be entered for Bluewood tickets. Then we created a submission form that wouldn't accept photographs. So we fixed that and apologized and asked you to resend images. Meanwhile I hurt my thumb trying to drive it in. But all along the form would not accept dashes (-) or dots (.) in the telephone numbers. So we didn't get anything RE-submitted. This morning the problem was corrected and the form is working again and we're asking a third time for people submit funny pics. This time, WE'LL POST YOUR PICS so you can SEE that we got them.

But to prove that we were working hard on this, I have posted a real, authentic video of me working on this problem. I put a lot of time into discovering the solution. This video proves it.