Last year, I put a plastic baby pool out in the yard for my dog Crystal. She's not super fond of water, so I doubt she ever used it. She thought it was a better idea to stay  inside the house with the air conditioner turned up, so she could watch TV, lay on the couch and eat Bon Bons! The pool blew away in the wind one fine day and I had to retrieve it from down the block. I finally threw it away!

This year, I have the Demon Dog "Ueey" ( my Rhodesian Ridge back pup) He will tear everything in sight to shreds, so I can't leave him inside!  And, I have to put Crystal out with him or he will bark relentlessly and get me kicked out of the neighborhood.

So, I have been leaving a sprinkler on for them in case it's too hot, they will have some cool water to walk through! I doubt they are running back and forth through it like I did as a kid, but I thought it would help.

I need to plant a shade tree for them. I'm planning that for this weekend!

What kinds of things do you do to keep your pets from suffering in the heat?

Please share!