I am one of those people that like my lawn to be nice and green and trimmed. But yesterday, there they were...those piles of dirt that only show up with moles!

So being the green thumb that I am, I spring into action...that spring into action meant going on Google and finding out how to get rid of these little pests. What I found made me glad to be an American.

Here are some of the ideas people had on getting rid of moles:

Poisons - they say they sell mole bait, they are worms with poison in them! But I can't see spending $20 bucks on 6 poison gummy worms.

Other ideas include jamming a pitch fork in their path of travel, blowing them up with an M-80, windmills by the hole to create vibration...I guess they hate that. A neighborhood class thermonuclear device...really!

So who knows the best way to get rid of these spawns of Satan? Otherwise I am just going to get a film crew and make Caddyshack II.