We love Billy Baldwin in "Hot in Cleveland" and are so sad it's the final season. But we've loved him since "Flatliners" and "Backdraft." In our exclusive interview Billy Baldwin talks about working with Betty White, how "Backdraft" changed his life, what Baldwin reunions are like, his childhood in the public schools, parenting and what rockstar wife Chynna Phillips is up to.

He says the Baldwin men, as brilliant as they are, must all be missing a gene because of how dysfunctional they all are! People say he's the most "normal" of the family and he joked, "That's a real boobie prize!" He feels his public school teachers in the 1970s were too strict, but he thinks today's "time out" strategy for parenting will lead to a nation of adults in their 30s crying "help me!"

Chynna visits Seattle at least once a year to perform at casinos and kept giving him looks to quit talking about his family! LOL! Listen for yourself: