Moses Lake Couple Face Charges for Puppy Heist!
Often people surrender their pets to animal shelters because they can no longer care for them! Well, apparently this man and woman who were caught on surveillance video figured they'd be a good home for the pup so the man just stuffed it under his coat and walked out...
How to ‘Lateral Lunge’ Your Horse [VIDEO]
Just horsin' around and sharing info I think could be helpful! If you're a 'horse person' you may enjoy it, and if your not...Well, at least you can see my sweet boy Galeron!
And, trust me, this is the way I do it! (Doesn't necessarily mean it's the RIGHT way...
Faith Martin Horsin’ Around ‘Teaching at Liberty’ [VIDEO]
There are PLENTY of EXPERT horsemen and women who train horses for a living! And lots of videos available. They are great to watch! In the end you have to be the one to get out and do it the work and adopt a version that works for you. .
I've had horses all my life, but could never afford to hir…

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