Coyote Spotted in Benton City Backyard
Keep your pets indoors, Benton City!
If you live in the lower Yakima Valley you're no stranger to coyotes (pronounced with two syllables).
They're not as dangerous as wolves and mountain lions, but they are more daring.
They'll pick off your cats and small dogs...
Miracle Babies Born to Finley Cow
A cow in Finley WA gave birth in a VERY rare circumstance triplets were born on a Finley farm last weekend which only happens 1 in 105,000 per live birth....what's even more rare is
Free Dog Houses Being Offered Today in Walla Walla
The Blue Mountain Humane Society thanks to a generous donation from the Staples Foundation and Volunteers from Garrison Middle School wood shop students are giving away FREE outdoor dog houses to people who need shelter for their pets! While supplies last....
Kids Getting Sick From Pet Chickens and Ducks
Everyone I know with backyard chickens loves them. The birds take care of pillbugs and spiders, and the family gets fresh eggs. Sure, the birds are hard on the grass, but there are ways to mitigate that.
HOWEVER, a bunch of Washington kids (including one in Yakima) have gotten REALLY sick from backya…
Weird Birds Freaking People Out in Northern Mid Columbia
We noticed several people asking what these freakishly large doves were landing on their property. As the weather warms, it's not weird to see doves... but these were twice the size of the others. Is it the radiation at Hanford? No, it's just an invasive species...

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