Almost Super-Full Beaver Moon Will Shine Brighter Than Usual
Don't miss a rare celestial treat tonight. With the time change at 2:00 a.m. and the fall back to standard time, we get an extra hour to enjoy, with hopefully minimal cloud cover, the massive, almost super-full beaver moon tonight.
It will appear larger in the sky, completely full and just a day…
13 Vehicle Prowl Reports Taken Within 18 Hours in Park Hills Area
From the Kennewick Police Department Facebook page.
Numerous Vehicle Prowls: Since last night, KPD took 13 reports of vehicles being prowled in the Park Hills Area of East Kennewick. All the vehicles were reported to have been unsecured. Please remove any valuables from your vehicles and lock them wh…
Mega Millions More Moolah: To Play and Pay Starting Saturday
Mega Millions just announced that they're going to be doubling the cost of their tickets from $1 to $2 as of Saturday.....and they're going to make the odds worse for you to win.
But both of those changes will lead to bigger jackpots, which will drive people to buy more tickets...
Five Safety Tips How to Best Dress Your Dog for Halloween
Halloween is a week from Tuesday and if you're planning on putting your DOG in a costume, here's five safety tips before you do.
1. Have a "dress rehearsal." If this is your first time putting your dog in a Halloween costume, don't wait until the 31st to put it on...
Chemical Vapor Whiffs Reportedly Smelled by Six Hanford Workers
An onion-like smell, possibly chemical vapors, was reported by six different Hanford nuclear reservation employees Wednesday afternoon.
The workers were preparing for routine electrical maintenance outside the TX Tank Farm and were not wearing supplied air respirators at the time because they were ou…

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