More Badger Mountain Cougar Chaos
Another mountain lion was sighted at Badger Mountain. According to a story found on Facebook, a woman saw it on a recent walk. Someone else hypothesized the cougar was in the area hunting coyotes including a fresh den of whelps (baby coyotes)...
New Nail Polish Can Prevent Date Rape
Too bad this wasn't available early in Bill Cosby's run.
A woman called the cops when her drink changed color after she dipped her fingernail in it. The nail polish was treated with a solution that changed the color of her drink when it came into contact with a roofie or other date rape dru…
Dawn of Distracted Driving Crackdown
Distracted driving is as bad as it's ever been and it's only going to get worse.
But in Washington state, Olympia is about to get tough.
Distracted driving legislation has cleared the state House in Olympia and now it's on to the state Senate where it's sure to undergo a few tweaks…

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