Almost Super-Full Beaver Moon Will Shine Brighter Than Usual
Don't miss a rare celestial treat tonight. With the time change at 2:00 a.m. and the fall back to standard time, we get an extra hour to enjoy, with hopefully minimal cloud cover, the massive, almost super-full beaver moon tonight.
It will appear larger in the sky, completely full and just a day…
Pasco Benefit Concert to Fight Against Sexual Slavery
Pasco musician Evan Ergerer is headlining a tour to fight against sex slavery. The tour is kicking off this Saturday, Nov. 3 in Pasco at 7 p.m. at Hope Tri-Cities, at 700 Comstock St.
The proceeds of the tour are going to fund the group Rescue Freedom that raises money to help fight against huma…
Bird Watchers Will Be Allowed Back on Bateman Island!
Remember that horrible fire in July that shut down Bateman Island? The summer wasn't the same not being able to go out and enjoy the island activities. For the first time since that fire, people are being allowed back on the island!! Now, don't get too excited, it won't be open to the…

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