Mother Nature Hammers Benton County Roads, Many Closed
One of the harshest winters in years has destroyed or damaged many Benton County roads, some are closed short-term, several probably won't be fixed for months. For those who don't travel into the outlying areas, these pictures are the first visuals of just how hard nature has been.
Spring Break Idea: Rocket Engine Coming to Seattle Museum
Rocket engine parts from Apollo moon missions will be on display in May in Seattle.
The 50-year-old, 18.5-foot tall engine is currently in one of the Museum of Flights offsite facilities after the road trip from NASA. The engine will be set up with beat-up components from the first-stage engines that…
Nerds and Geeks Rejoice! RadCon Is this Weekend in Pasco!
Every year around this time sci-fi and fantasy fans of all kinds descend on the Pasco Red Lion for RadCon. The weekend event is dedicated to gaming, sci-fi and fantasy fandoms, and cosplay. Speakers talk about different aspects of the industry, and of course there's parties, fun, and costume co…
Like I Need a Nine Inch Nail In My Head [VIDEO]
Thanks to his hard head, a Massachusetts man set a new world record by HAMMERING 38 NAILS INTO A BOARD USING HIS SKULL in under two minutes.
John "Hammer Head" Ferraro attributes his unique ability to having a thicker-than-average skull. He says he first realized he was thickheaded …

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