Dance, Eat, and Drink to Give Back to Tri-Cities Non-Profits
I love living in the Tri-Cities because people truly want to help each other. I have met so many incredible people who believe in building a thriving community for ALL Tri-Citians. We have a lot of local arts programs and theaters, charities and non-profits who contribute to making the TC an amazing…
Gearing Up For Scaregrounds 2018…Want a JOB?
This years haunt will be scaled down to one big haunt and better ticket prices. we are expecting a greater turn-out than ever before!
Are you interested in being an actor, builder, decorator?
Feel free to fill out the job application and wait for the hiring seminar...
What Is the Best Bakery in the Tri-Cities?
I've got a special fundraiser event coming up, and I need help. I need desserts. I want cakes and pies and tarts and more! But I need your assistance! There are a LOT of great bakeries in the Tri-Cities, but which one is the best? I leave it up to you to vote...

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