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Is the New Starbucks ‘Unicorn Drink’ Good? [VIDEO REVIEW]
We always go and try the new Starbucks drinks when they are released and so today we went and sampled the brand new Unicorn Drink. It changes color and flavor as you drink it and is available for a limited time. So what did we think?
Watch the video for our in depth review...
Grasshoppers All The Rage at the Seattle Mariners
For whatever reason, in the 40th anniversary of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club, gimmickry is not just reserved for the roster as the franchise is still looking to experience a World Series appearance. Only the Washington Senators and Mariners have NEVER made a fall classic...
New Nail Polish Can Prevent Date Rape
Too bad this wasn't available early in Bill Cosby's run.
A woman called the cops when her drink changed color after she dipped her fingernail in it. The nail polish was treated with a solution that changed the color of her drink when it came into contact with a roofie or other date rape dru…
Kennewick Man’s Bad-Stolen-Booze-Bolt-Cuffed-Under-Bridge Day
Bolt with beer.
Chug under Cable Bridge.
Arrested by police in mid-consumption.
A Kennewick man allegedly shoplifted some brews from the Metro Mart on Columbia Drive in Kennewick then proceeded to the under belly of the Cable Bridge to consume his illegally obtained intoxicants and in true buzz-killing…
I Tried the Tri-Cities New Delivery Service and It’s Fantastic!!
What do you want for dinner tonight? If you don't want to cook, and you don't want to go out, your options are limited in the Tri-Cities. Well, at least they were! A few months back Tri-Cities Delivered Goods launched, and let me tell you, your days of just ordering pizza are OVER...

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