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Woody’s Famous Sweet Potato & Sardine Casserole
Simple recipe:
Layer yams and sardines in 8x8 baking dish.
Sprinkle with pepper for the pic
Add exactly 8 mini marshmallows (stale & hard)
Make sure to use expired products that you would not even donate to the food bank.
This Lady Let Her Mom Plan Her Entire Wedding! Would You Do That?
I was scrolling through the inter-webs on a lovely afternoon and found a blog headline I almost couldn't believe. It was about a lady who let her mom plan her ENTIRE wedding. Now, I know a lot of moms help plan weddings, but I've never known anyone who handed over who entire day to her mom…
Best Tri-Cities Places for Your Easter Eats!
Easter means egg hunts, church services, gatherings with family, and FOOD! This Sunday will be filled with all your Easter faves and you gotta decide where to eat! Whether your looking for little treats or full blown food extravaganzas, here's a list of place that will be serving up their Easte…
Mmmmmmm…Tacos! The Pasco Taco Crawl is Coming
What's better than eating tacos? Eating tacos for a good cause! Get ready to explore Pascos Taco crawl, one delicious taco at a time. Buy a booklet of 20 taco vouchers for ONLY $20, then come to Downtown Pasco to pick it up at Vinny's Bakery on April 20th...

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