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Should Washington State Drug Test Welfare Recipients?
It's drawing a lot of comments, and become a polarizing topic across the country. But apparently a lot of folks in Eastern Washington are in favor of the idea, especially since favorable positive results are being seen in another state that has started such a program.
Teen Dream Job! Get a Tan! AND Get Paid!
Okay not to take this lightly...It's a serious job! You could be 'SAVING LIVES!'
I always was quite envious when I was a pre-teen, watching the usually attractive and tan lifeguards at the summer pools or beach...
Faith Martin Buys Omni Gym Yoga Swing for Back Pain! [VIDEO]
I finally DID IT! I took the plunge and bought one! I've been investigating it for years! I'm so excited! Many of you know that I've been suffering with back pain for quite some time now! The culprit I think, is leaning and straining over a studio counter to reach three different comp…

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