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5 Things You Need to Know to Prevent Sunburns!
1. To prevent sunburns the CDC recommends putting on a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher -- even if it is a cool or cloudy day -- along with wearing clothing that  covers and protects your skin.
2. When applying sunscreen you need a thick layer, then reapply regularly (about every two…
Is Technology Eating Our Brains? Faith Martin Thinks So!
How can I own 6 jog bras and never be able to find one when I need it!?  Why do I find half way through the day that my underwear are always inside out! I can't remember to take my vitamins EVER! Can't find my sunglasses! I've lost 3 pairs of I -phone ear buds, lose my water bottles, forget my lunch…
Latest Salmonella Outbreak Suspects Tuna!
Well no one told me and I ate Ahi last night at a local restaurant. I won't mention which one because obviously these things just can't always be avoided. But just so you know about it, you should read the latest info.

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