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Watch This 54 Year Old Smash The Pull Up World Record
First of all I'll start this post off by stating I've never done a pull up in my entire life. There no big deal, except my husband bought a pull up bar for our home gym. At first I thought he was doing it just to complete the gym itself, then I realized there was a challenge put out by all…
Getting Fit? Try This Ab Workout to ‘Uptown Funk!’ [VIDEO]
I was a gymnast when I was young and had great Abs! Getting those Abs back now at my age is a challenge. So I'm always looking for creative ways to get in that Ab workout! This Gymnastic Group found a way to incorporate an Ab Workout to one of my favorite songs! So, I think I'll be trying …
Do You Respect Parental Choice on the Vaccination Debate? [POLL]
Many anti-vaccine parents are upset at the media for stirring up anger with their reporting of the measles outbreak. I honestly don't think they're stirring up anything, my sense is people are very frustrated with anti-vaccine families. Should they be? Is this a parental choice matter?
5 Weird Things That Boost Your Immune System
It seems like everyone I know is sick right now. Of course this gloomy grey wet weather is not helping anyone's mood either anyway I stumbled across these 5 really weird things that supposedly boost your immune system...
A Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching in Tri-Cities
Geocaching is a fun hobby enjoyed all over the world. It's a great activity for families, groups and clubs -- and even by yourself! What is geocaching? It's basically a treasure hunt guided by GPS, which is easily done by an app found on the website below.

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