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My Least Popular Opinion [VIDEO]
People have made online meme jokes about unpopular opinions. Puffins are the mascot. I guess I deserve one. After following current events I have very strong feelings about an incredibly important topic. I'm afraid to share it, however. Don't hate me.
Do People Wearing Surgical Masks Freak You Out? [POLL]
Now that everyone is afraid of Ebola, we're going to be seeing more people wearing those surgical masks out in public. Whenever someone wears one of those to the mall or grocery store it FREAKS ME OUT! I know they probably just got out of surgery, or have an immune deficiency, but I can't …
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall — Win Me a Makeover!
We received 11 submissions to our makeover contest. Now voting begins to decide a winner. Whoever has the most votes by the end of Nov. 12 receives:

$1200 in Facial Rejuvenation from Synergy MedAesthetics
$200 in clothing from Marla June’s Clothing
$200 in Hair and Makeup services from …

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