12 Days of ‘Can’t Miss’ Holiday Events for Tri Cities
The holidays are right around the corner, and there are a ton of awesome events that you do not want to miss over the next couple months. You may think there is nothing to do here in Tri Cities, but during the holidays you would be wrong...
Is Clown Purge Real? [VIDEO]
According to a Facebook page called "Clown Hunters" clown hunting was suppose to be Sunday October 30th. So far, so good ...No clown hunting at this moment. Why rumors like this are taken seriously is beyond me.
10 Most Haunted Places in the Mid Columbia [PHOTOS]
A coworker says when they were young friends would take her out to see the ghost at Three River's Park in Finley. If you waited in the right spot and sat perfectly still, you'd suddenly hear a hiss and see a tall misty figure rising above the ground...

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