Salvation Army Needs Your Help Being a Bell Ringer
I'll be the first to admit, that I will be that guy that walks right past the Salvation Army bell ringer and give it no thought. But that was before I really took a long look at what it takes to be one!
Admit it, you have tried to avoid eye contact yourself, but did you know that last year …
Inflatable Lawn Ornaments Never Weather Worthy?!
I always feel bad when I see all the Holiday inflatables in heaps on people's front lawn. This morning, on my jog I spotted this. Obviously people go through a lot of trouble to decorate with these and as soon as it rains, or gets windy or snows too much, they are in heaps...
My Department Store Christmas Tree Makeover
This year is the years I needed a Christmas tree redo. I found a beautiful flocked tree at Lowe's and off I went. I admit I'm one of those matchy match kind of girls so this tree had to be perfect.

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