George Lopez Interview
Big Jim & Stacy Lee got a chance to chat with George Lopez about his new series on FOX caleed "Take Me Out".
Turbo Charged Fun This Saturday with Kids Dig Rigz!
Lori Lott and Barbi Hawkins stopped by the studio this morning to discuss the "Kids Dig Rigz" event at Columbia Park on Saturday. This is the perfect family fun event for kids of all ages! It allows kids to get up close and  check out vehicles that they might not get to see li…
Why Breasts Sag ‘According to Cameron Diaz’
In a recent press conference Cameron Diaz reminisced about her world travels to reporters and other media representatives.
When Cameron Diaz was in Africa she took time to observe the culture, specifically the Maasai women. She was shocked to see that the women would go to work only a coupl…

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