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The New Way To Dump Someone – With a Plant?
Nope you're not hearing things you can now dump someone with a plant, a whole new way of going green.There's a new product called "Break-Up Beans."  They're lima bean seeds with messages like "It's over" or "Let's be friends&…
10 Surprising Best Tips for a Happy Marriage [VIDEO]
A 2015 survey asked many, many couples what the secrets to a happy marriage were. We thought the answers were wise... and a few were hilarious. Then we compared the list to four tips from a 1951 book written by a marriage therapist!
We Uncover The 5 Biggest Driving Test Disasters
If you accidentally hit a pole or a parked car during your driving test, you'd probably think it was the most embarrassing thing that could happen.  And you would be wrong.  Here are five true stories of EPIC driving test disasters . . .
The Great TP Over/Under Debate is Solved
The debate over whether you hang your toilet paper "over" or "under" is one of those chicken-and-egg things that people will argue about until the end of time. Until NOW Big Jim and myself uncover the truth!
Tri-City Peep’s Are Always Looking For Love
In case you're not able to catch our show in the morning, we're always just trying to help connect people with 'The One'. Hear the always hilarious 'Missed Connections' Today's episode was especially funny and had something to do with Mexican Farrah Fawcett hair.

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