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A Unique Idea for Valentines Day in Tri-Cities
This party makes a fun Valentine's Date. Painting Couples will create two 12"x16" canvases that when combined create the "world" with the Maya Angelou quote "In all the world there is no love for you like mine. In all the world there is no love for m…
Has the Sasquatch Music Festival Peaked!?
In the past, the Northwest got shafted a lot when it came to concert events. A lot of big stars skipped coming to Seattle or Portland, and we didn't really have a major festival to attract big acts. Since around 2004 the scene has really changed, and in addition to getting more big acts coming,…
This Tri Citian Could Possibly be the Worst Soldier Ever
Listen up kids, This is how you DON'T join the service! Thank goodness he didn't quite make it.
According to Pasco PD Facebook page
Kerry E. Brooks 3/3/1993 of Benton City had recently been staying at the Mission in Downtown Pasco. Some time Friday he managed to get into the compound of the National G…

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