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2nd Fred Meyer Arson Suspect Cornered by Police
Run buddy, run! They caught your alleged accomplice early, but now you'll be livin' on jail food for a while. Now that I think about it, I'm a little PO'd that we, the taxpayers, are feeding and housing you.
Get the story on Dingle Berry No...
Fred Meyer Arson Suspect Was on Work Release
Fred Meyer in Richland re-opened at noon today after some dingle berry set fire to a heap of giant Teddy Bears and walked out with shop-lifted goods. HEY! TEDDY BEAR PILE ON FIRE! NOBODY WILL EVER CATCH ME NOW! He's apparently never heard of security cameras...
Fred Meyer on Fire! Check out the Video
Apparently 35-year-old Daniel Wright of West Richland didn't get the memo that he's old enough to know better, or that setting things on fire is just plain stupid. Good luck in life sparky! you're gonna need it! check out the full story
Check out the fire in Fred Meyers
Hermiston Man Wins Lottery
Ronald Williams of Hermiston purchased a Special Keno 8-Spot ticket with the added Bulls-Eye option during a quick pit stop at the Crossroads Truck Stop in Umatilla. Williams, who owns a trucking company, hit it big twice and won $118,031.80...

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