The Biggest Cinematic Breakthroughs of 2016
It’s always exciting to see the latest work from a beloved director, or to watch a great actor return to a classic role. But one of the most underrated pleasures of going to the movies is discovery; watching an actor you’d never heard of before surprise you with their incredible range …
The Best Movies of 2016 (According to Erin Whitney)
How you define the “best” of something varies from one person to the next. The “best” movies can be the ones crafted with the most artistry, the ones that feel particularly culturally significant, the ones you can’t shake hours, days, or months after seeing them. O…
Say Goodbye to Carmike 12, AMC is Moving in!
AMC is one of the biggest movie theater chains in the country. #2 to be exact.
Regal Entertainment Group
AMC Entertainment Inc
Cinemark Theatres
Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
And they're coming to the Tri-Cities...
Here’s Why You Must See ‘Rogue One’
For any Star Wars geek, you've been planning on seeing the new story 'Rogue One' for months now (maybe even a year). And without any spoilers let me tell you that you're going to LOVE it! I swear the film last night and was not let down...
Go Behind the Story With This ‘A Monster Calls’ Featurette
While not quite an award season darling, one of the more anticipated movies of the next two months is Juan Antonio Bayona’s adaptation of A Monster Calls, a movie about a young boy who dives into a fantasy world to deal with the pain of losing his mother. Sitting as a cross between The Iron G…
5 Things Not to Miss at Harry Potter Diagon Alley Theme Park
If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you have to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to get the full experience. Orlando is the only location that has both Hogwarts Castle and Diagon Alley and the ability to ride between them on the famous Hogwarts Express train...

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