Final Dr. Strange Movie Trailer Dazzles [VIDEO]
There are so many comic book related movies these days that you might be feeling super-hero overload but the new Marvel Studios Dr. Strange seems to have a different take on the genre and it will be worth watching if you are a fan of comic book movies.
Julia Roberts to Star in True-Crime Story of Framed PTA Mom
Last month, the Los Angeles Times began a six-part story on Kelli Peters, a school volunteer and PTA member in the community of Irvine, California who became the unwitting subject of a bizarre conspiracy to ruin her family’s name. A few days later, Peters’ tell-all book, I’ll Ge…
7 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed Near the Mid Columbia
There are a ton of movies and TV shows that have been filmed in this area, I think because it is so beautiful. I was readying through a list of films shot in Washington the other day and most I knew but some of the titles surprised me. Here are 7 movies that were filmed near the Tri Cities...

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