New DVD and Blu-ray Releases: May 2016
Sure, you have plenty of movie options in theaters next month, with Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and everything in between (High-Rise. Go see High-Rise), but if you're looking to stay home there's lots of new stuff for you to check out. Whether you're looking to rent …
What Were You Doing When You First Heard ‘Prince’?
I was backpacking around Europe in 1984 with my best friend Joan! We were barely 21 years old and experiencing 14 different countries around Europe for the first time!
When we heard 'When Doves Cry' playing on someones stereo we  loved it immediately...
Which Teen Movie ‘Queen Bee’ is the Baddest of Them All?
Since the beginning of teen films there has been the one girl to rule them all: The Queen Bee. Now, sometimes, the Queen is a nice girl like Cher from Clueless. Though a bit snotty, was a pretty nice gal.
Then there's the other kind of Queen, the kind who rules with terror! But...

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