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Queensgate to Open New Dental Building in 2019
Looking to get braces or switch dentists?
Did you just move to Richland and want to keep your errands in town? In 2019, five dentists/orthodontists will be joining forces in a new office being built on Queensgate.
The project will be at 3200 Duportail St...
The City of Pasco Wants Your Help Creating a New Logo!
What's in a logo? It's a way to represent your brand in a memorable way to the world. Whether it's a shoe brand, or social media site, logos are pretty important when getting people to remember you. The same can be said for city logos which is one of reasons the city of Pasco is creat…
Bateman Island Opens Today After Closed for One Year From Fire
After a long year of being closed to the public, Bateman Island opens again today!
The island was closed almost a year ago when a fire believed to be caused by people burned almost 70 percent of the surface. After the fire the island was closed because of the risk to pedestrians...

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