How to Get Food & Drink HALF OFF at 7 Local Restaurants
Right now we're hosting an online auction where you can get tons of really cool stuff from local businesses for half off -- sometimes even two-thirds off. I've got my eye on about 8 or 9 gift certificates from 7 establishments offering food and beer for half off or more.
‘Girly’ Things Men Do They’ll Never Admit
Men are always worried about their "Man Card," but the truth is they all get in touch with their feminine side sometimes. Right now I'm going to call out some of the most "girly" things I know, and you know, men do but won't admit.
Ingenious Perscription Dispensary Service Will Change Yor Life
I'm always on the lookout for cool products that simplify my life and here's one that I think is pretty amazing. Recently I had surgery and was on several prescription medications along with some special vitamins and all of my normal meds. It got pretty complicated and time consuming. I wi…

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