Seahawks Awesome Rookie Chris Carson! Who Is He?
Wow NFL rookie Chris Carson got great yardage against the 49ers when we needed it! So who is this guy? Well, he was born in Mississippi and grew up in Georgia.The Seahawks liked him and signed him to a four-year, $2.46 million contract with a nice little signing bonus of $65k...
Why Seahawks 2017 1st Draft Pick is NOT on the Team
Remember, the Seahawks picked Malik McDowell as their first pick of 2017. He is a special 6'6" 300 pound defensive lineman that was supposed to be wrecking the offensive lines of the NFC West for the Hawks. Instead, he is not even on the team...
Do You Like the Seahawks New Alternative Logo? [POLL]
This is a new official "alternative" logo the Seahawks have it is not a joke, it is real!
I also thought it had to be a fake, but after just a little research I saw it was real. The team revealed the logo first on practice gear on some hats of players and then official…
Tri-Cities Featured in ESPN Documentary on Netflix
I was recently watching a sports documentary on Netflix called Marvel & ESPN Films Present 1 of 1: Genesis. It draws comparisons between superheroes and super athletes. It covers Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Danica Patrick and Cal Ripken.

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